Academic Society of Alois Musil

Academic Society of Alois Musil (ASAM) unites researchers interested in the work and heritage of the prominent Czech orientalist Prof. Alois Musil. It primarily focuses on research of his published and unpublished professional materials and documents related to the outcomes of his work and life.

•  Objectives

ASAM analyzes the outcomes of the professional work of Prof. Musil in the context of research activities of his contemporary researches and in the context of the latest findings. This work is supported by the research and exploration of localities in the Middle East that Alois Musil visited and travelled, including film and photographic documentation. A significant objective is the digitalization of documents linked to the scientific work and life of Alois Musil. ASAM‘s scope of work includes intensive publication activities, as well as exhibitions and lectures to popularize the personality of Prof. Musil and his work.

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